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CORE Champion
Company SizeSuggested Support Level Based on # of EmployeesNumber of Scholarships Per Year
SmallCompany size: 50 or less employees
Annual Support - $5k*
MediumCompany size: 51-151 employees
Annual Support - $10k*
LargeCompany size: Over 151 employees
Annual Support - $20k

*Minimum 3 year pledge

To date, the following MSAs have formally announced local MSA Scholarship Campaigns

Atlanta | Birmingham | Houston | Huntsville | Jackson | Tampa | Dallas | Austin | San Antonio | More Coming Soon!

Contact Grayson Glaze at [email protected] to become a local (MSA) CORE Ambassador and formally launch scholarship campaign in your community

CORE Ambassador

Designed for Individual Contributors
$1000 per scholarship per year

*No limit on number of scholarships

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