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Careers of Choice

CORE is eight module online credentialing course and will include live and self-guided real estate career content coupled with building skills necessary to succeed. You will spend approximately 3 hours per module. Real Estate. a career of choice, not chance.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you as accepted applicants will earn a full scholarship (value $2,500) to complete the course.

Students achieving this credential will be prepared for entry level jobs in the real estate industry primarily as a leasing consultant, marketing representative, property administrator. Students will leave with an overview of the industry that will position them for future studies or entry level positions. We encourage additional exploration through experiential learning such as job shadowing, internships, part time or full time employment.


Our 8 module online credentialing program will include live and self-guided real estate career content coupled with building skills necessary to succeed.

Welcome to the Wide World of Real Estate

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The door of opportunity is open for you. We invite you to explore the most dynamic and diverse industry in the world. The career opportunities that await you are limitless.

Over 25 million professionals serve the real estate industry in a wide variety of capacities. That number is predicted to increase as the Baby Boomers retire and the demand for real estate professionals continues to rise, thus creating new jobs for ever sector of the industry. Coupled with the need for replacement workers as well as skilled workers to fill highly technical jobs that are emerging due to the technological advances, the future is extremely positive for careers in real estate.

Exploring the Built Environment – Sectors of the Industry

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Real estate consists of diverse property types including: office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, residential homes, apartments and corporate campuses just to name a few. This module explains the distinctions between each type of real estate and highlights the advantages from an investment perspective as well as the unique management requirements that are required to meet the owner’s goals and objectives.

Understanding Real Estate from the Ground Up

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Since our environments have a profound impact on the way we live and work, the future design, architecture and construction will be reflected by technological advances and consumer preferences. Advances in science and technology including robotics and augmented reality will transform how structures are built, maintained, managed and rehabilitated.

Building Your Personal Brand and Preparing for Your Career

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For those individuals looking to enter the industry or to transfer their existing skills from another profession, there is a wide range of opportunities ranging from property operations to those who supply goods and services to the industry. Without these complementary functions such as construction, advertising, legal counsel, technology and financial consulting, the real estate industry could not exist. The industry is open to individuals with all levels of education and experience. Regardless of the specific job function, there exists a wealth of opportunities and on-the-job training that will allow for upward mobility within the industry.

This module explores career opportunities and identifies the key competencies that are required within each role as well employability skills that are essential for success.

From Acquisition to Disposition – Top Trends to Know about the Industry

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Real estate owners, developers and managers have found that they have been able to move into new markets, offer new types of products and take advantage of unique opportunities depending on market cycles. Construction has expanded due to the diverse preferences among consumers particularly as the children of the Baby Boomers form households and enter the job market. With demographic and psychographic shifts come unique challenges, not just in terms of product type but affordability and increased start-up costs, increased regulation, environmental concerns and security risks just to name a few.  This module identifies key trends and offers opportunities for further exploration.

Successful Selling & Marketing – The Essential Elements

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The real estate industry is diverse and dynamic thereby the process of attracting the desired target audience is paramount when meeting the owner’s goals and objectives. A solid marketing strategy that is well executed with targeted campaigns can create high occupancy and retention rates across all types of properties. Developing a marketing strategy to establish a strong presence in the marketplace coupled with professional selling techniques is a high priority for every real estate organization. This module examines the components of marketing strategies within the life cycle of an asset and offers proven sales techniques required for high performance.

Understand the Fundamentals of Risk Management, Maintenance and Legal Aspects of Real Estate

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Managing and maintaining the real estate asset involves more than simply collecting the revenue and taking care of the property. In every business, from the corner store to the large warehouse including places where people live and work, there are common challenges with owning and operating a building. Now, more than ever, it is vital to the success of an organization to understand risk management and to continuously improve the systems and processes to protect the business from uncertainty and increase the likelihood of business continuity and success.  

This module examines the categories of risk, maintenance and legal aspects that owners face when operating real estate.

The Bridge to Opportunity

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Creating "your way forward" to connect, engage and experience the wide world of real estate. The options are unlimited.

There are many careers within the real estate industry for new and seasoned professionals. Identifying opportunities and aligning individual strengths to a specific career can be extremely rewarding.  Beginning with educational programs and experiential learning through job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, one can be exposed to a wide range of career paths. The key to success in the real estate industry is having the enthusiasm for continued growth and being open to possibilities for mentorship, coaching and industry engagement. This module serves as a gateway to your future. Explore, connect and engage with industry professionals that are eager to share how you can become a part of a $33 trillion dollar industry.